Why Po’ Man?

“More flavor, more meat, more value, less fancy pants”

Simple set up, perfectly portable, cheap to operate, patented design to maximize flavor with minimal hassle, huge capacity, bonus points for looking like a trash can.

Why Po’ Man? That is simple…  small on price and size but big on flavor, ease of operation, and holds more meat than you can shake a skewer at.

People have been cookin’ in a can for a long time…Po’ Man just decided to deliver it to your door in an easy to use fashion without all the fancy pants of other high dollar grills.


The Po’ Man Grill is…

Perfectly Portable – easy to throw in the back of your truck and take with you to the tailgate, lake, hunting club…you get the idea.

Inexpensive to Purchase and Operate – using only plain charcoal and rubbing alcohol, there’s not many other grills you can cook on cheaper.

Maximum Flavor – The Po’ Man Grill provides a grilled look with a hint of smokey flavor. Meat gets heat from all sides and a hint of smoke from the juices hitting the drip plate and steaming up.

Minimal Hassle – Put the meat of your choice on the grate or skewers, tilt the lid, let the shinnanigans begin. It’s basically a man’s crock pot, but better.

Huge Capacity – 4 chicken halves, 6 half slabs of ribs and a boston butt, all at the same time. Think about this: the juice from your chicken and ribs are hitting that boston butt. Wipe your drool.

Or, how about a 16 lb turkey for Thanksgiving. Tilt the lid… I think the Packers are playing.

Need another talking point? Did we mention, it can cook for your whole neighborhood AND it looks like a trash can?


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