Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Po’ Man Grill constructed of? Is it galvanized?

The commercially-available Po’ Man Grills are constructed of quality rolled steel, stainless metals, and durable, high-temp BBQ paints.

Where can I purchase additional or replacement parts such as grates and skewers?

Just click here to visit our store 

How big of gap should I have when cooking?

Tighter is usually better ¼” or so. The grill is at the hottest temperatures during the first hour, so if you have too big of a gap more air is going in and making the temperature even hotter. You can always increase the gap as you cook, but start small and work up for more even cooking.

What do I do if I see flare ups or fire in my can?

Close the lid to cut air supply down. You will occasionally see some flame which is typically from grease released from the meat spattering on the coals. By keeping a small gap air flow is minimal and provides more even cooking temperatures. If you do have fire or major flare up close the lid completely. DO NOT remove lid or add water.

How do I get my ribs tender?

The old saying is low and slow or 3-5 hrs at 220 degrees … not so with the Po Man! Take your ribs to 175 – 180 degrees or until the meat is drawing back on the bone and you have the color and outside texture you like. Then wrap the ribs bone side down in aluminum foil with the sauce of your choice and put back in the Po Man for about 30 minutes with a very tight gap on the lid.

How do I get more smoke?

There are several ways to get more smoke. First, you can always add your favorite wood chips or wood to the top of your coal box. Using small diameter Pecan wood soaked in water for an hour so works very well. Secondly, you can take the lid off periodically while cooking and add your favorite sauce. The drippings will increase as well the smoke.

Can I sit the can on my deck?

NO, NO, NO!! DO NOT place the Po Man on any combustible surface. Use concrete, bricks, pavers, gravel or simply put on the ground.

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