Outdoor cooks are spending way too much money on fancy grills to cook barbeque ribs, smoked chicken and other meats. These premium grills put a hurtin’ on your pocket book, create tons of hassle, and still only deliver mediocre results. With the Po’ Man Grill and Cooker you get more value, more flavor, more meat with a heck of a lot less fancy pants by using plain old charcoal rather than high dollar pellets or gas. Cookin’ in a can allows you to cook, grill, and smoke large amounts of meat at a much more affordable price point. Po’ Man is the perfect gift for Father’s Day, Christmas, or anniversary and is also a must have for hunting camps, lake or beach houses.  If you want to enjoy golfing, fishing, hunting or spending time with family and friends without tending to your grill, Po’ Man is for you!

Skewers – Set of 2