People Talkin’

Matt from Birmingham, AL cooks his Thanksgiving turkey on his Po’ Man Grill every yearmatt_image

Po’ Man is great because you can let the Turkey cook while you are preparing everything else. Take it off and it’s ready to eat! ~ Matt





Bobby from Georgia cooks his Boston Butts on his Po’ Manbobby_image

My specialty is Boston Butts and there is no other way to cook them. My Po’ Man grill helps me make food that feeds 10 people or 100 people. This is the only grill for me. We use a special blend of spices on the Butts, but before that I rub it down with honey and brown sugar. Then we let the magic of the Po’ Man take over. ~ Bobby





Jay Dee from Wisconsin cooks his ribs on his Po’ Man

My favorite meat to do on the Po’ Man is Country Style Ribs. I use a sweet and spicy dry rub that I came up with. On this particular cook, I also did a Butternut Squash with brown sugar and butter. I will be doing that again. The smokey flavor added a great taste to the squash! Love my Po’ Man!  ~ Jay Dee




Jon from Florida cooks his ribs on his Po’ Man

Being able to put 5 slabs of ribs on a grill like this and not having touch them again until they were done has to be one of my favorite things about the Po’ Man. There was nothing but good things said about the finished product. Plus the look of envy from the guys who had been there hours before I got set up made me smile. ~ Jon





Best Grill and Cooker Ever!!!!!!!!! I have two at my home and have bought several for friends and family members. Easy to use and the food is off the chain good.

Wonderful!! We love our Po’ Man Grill!! I got my husband this Po’ Man Grill for his birthday, and we have been eating some of the most delicious food ever since! I love the flavor of the meats that he is cooking, my husband loves how easy it is to use, and my kids love that dad is cooking in a trash can! We are so pleased with this purchase, and I have a feeling I’ll be buying more for presents in the future!

Great People Making Great Grills GREAT customer service. As for the meats the Po’ Man turns out, I’ve never made bbq this good. Never made my own pulled pork, but the Po’ Man made it perfect the first try. Overall, I’m not sure I’ll ever buy any other kind of grill. This one’s about as good as it gets.

Simple and Easy to Use Within one hour of the arrival of my Po’ Man Grill I had two whole chickens smoking away! The temperature got to about 300°. The chickens were completely done within 2.5 – 3 hours. They were awesome! I love this grill and look forward to lots of meat being cooked on it!

Impossible to Mess Up This thing is magic. Received it last week and spent all Memorial Day Weekend 2016 smoking a variety of different meats. Each one turned out fantastic. Value for the price is probably unbeatable. No point in buying an expensive smoker which does the same job for a lot more money.

Neighborhood Grill Ordered one after friend sent me the link from Facebook. Tried some ribs on the first cooking. Neighbor said “your trashcan is on fire”! I told him it was a cooker and he came over to see. This guy BBQ’s all the time, and is a lot better than me at it. He hung around, we pulled them, wrapped them, then chowed out. He said he couldn’t believe what he just saw and tasted. They were by far the best I have ever cooked and now when the can is smoking all the neighbors swing in to what’s on the menu!

LOVE the Po’ Man! We love our Po’ Man so much that it has become our official wedding present that we give to our friends and family! They will ship it right to the address that we provide for the new couple so it makes it easy on everybody. Once you taste the food off of it, you’re hooked!

Truly Impressed! “I received your product last week and what else can you say about it, other than it is awesome! The cooking instructions are a cool addition to the product itself. I have truly been impressed with my Po Man!”